We are currently custom building the tiny homes to the customers’ requirements so we produce a plan to suit for each model built.  What type of fit-out are you looking for, such as do you want a loft, kitchen, toilet, shower or just a basic fit-out with a bed and sitting area?

Below are some designs and builds that we have done for clients to inspire you to create your own design with us.  Let us know what features you like or send us a sketch of how you want your Tiny Home to be built and we will work with you to make your dreams a reality.




This 5.4m long model has a loft bedroom, separate dressing room/bathroom/toilet/shower/laundry under the loft and an open sitting room/kitchen.  This model has a stair case with storage built in and a breakfast bar with large windows.

French Farmhouse


This French farmhouse inspired 'tiny' has a Murphy Bed (wall bed) with a desk that folds down with the bed.  It is 6m long with a  bathroom and kitchen.

Dream Big


This is the largest Tiny Home that can registered in Australia.  It is 10.5m long with a loft and a bedroom on the lower level.  There is a large bathroom with a washing machine and dryer with a full size shower, toilet and storage.

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